RDA volunteers are invaluable and we appreciate everything they do for us. At RDA's National Training Centre we hold volunteer specific training each month offering volunteers the opportunity to try out new skills, gain knowledge and meet other like-minded individuals. 

Why not join us for our next volunteer training event? See details below. 

  • Thursday 29th Feb, 10am to 12pm – Mounting and Dismounting
    • Fun and engaging training with one of our coaches at NTC, to learn the variations of mounting and dismounting to give confidence and advice to RDA volunteers.
  • Thursday 21st March, 10am to 12pm – Leading and Side walking
    • Led by one of NTC’s coaches, this will give a step-by-step guide to the important role of leading and side walking during RDA sessions, a chance to give it a go and ask for advice or top tips!
  • Thursday 25th April, 10am to 12pm – Grooming and Tacking up/untacking.
    • This is a confidence giving session, to enable more volunteers access to horses and ponies for grooming and tacking up. You will learn the items found in a grooming kit, how to safety tack up a horse and how to safety remove tack to avoid injury to yourself and the horse.
  • Thursday 23rd May, 10am to 12pm – Horse Care and Behaviour
    • This session covers off, points of the horse, signs of good health, horse natural behaviour, and reading horses’ body language.

All the above is FREE for RDA volunteers, and we welcome all RDA volunteers to attend. Limited spaces to 20 per session to ensure quality of delivery. Email Debs at djuler@rda.org.uk to book a space.